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Well, I was hoping my 200th post would be a bit more…dramatic, but shit happens.

In short, my internship in Columbus ended in early January. A couple weeks before that I got a job. I’ve since shipped out to Cody, Wy., to join the reporters at the twice-weekly Cody Enterprise as their sole photographer. Yep, just lonely ol’ me.

After a hellish winter storm shut down I-70 and held me in Lexington for a few days (just enough time to watch my good friend Jonathan Palmer win Sports Photographer of the Year at KNPA), I rolled into the town of 8,500 on Thursday the 3th. On Friday the 4th, with more than half my belongings still in boxes, I started work (not my choice). So here we are, a week later, and things are rolling right along.

I would have loved to have updated sooner but, you see, in the last six days I’ve worked 86 hours, 56 minutes (with yet another full day tomorrow). I also haven’t had time to call and/or schedule to have the house I’m renting connected to the internet, but maybe some day I’ll get to it. Just keep watching.

If you want to visit just let me know. I don’t have a couch, but I’m sure we could figure something out. Yellowstone doesn’t open until May, though.

Happy Valentine’s day.


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