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Catch All This

Fishing camp on the Pier.

This kid hooked a jack, but a dolphin ate it before he could reel it in.


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King Of The Rodeo

I drove to Miami yesterday to go to a climbing gym. Here are some things you could see from the road.

This could have been a really cool frame if I had stopped, but I wanted to go climbing, damnit.

I passed these guys on my way home. They were having a roping competition.

I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t come away with a portfolio picture. There were definitely some to be had. I will admit that I was a little nervous, especially since I don’t speak Spanish. Most people were pretty receptive of me, but it I could tell some didn’t want me there.

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sea of cloud

Florida has some interesting clouds. I had an assignment in Immokalee the other day, so I shot a time lapse while I drove under the clouds for an hour on the way back to the paper.

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I did it by wedging my camera between the dashboard and windshield, putting the motor drive on two second delay, and just holding down the shutter button for an hour (it would have been easier if I hadn’t knocked a wire loose in my cable release) . I think there are something like 1,800 images in the video, which were imported into FCP at 2 frames per image.

I’m going to try another one for my drive back to Ky.

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Life Is Real

I read a really good quote today. It went something like this:

“Emotion is the language of documentary photography. Without it, a picture has little value, except possibly as evidence in court. Most of us look for a different kid of evidence: the evidence of life and living.”

Torsten Kjellstrand

This isn’t Torsten Kjellstrand, it’s Fannie Gloster. I hope I look this good at 93.

And how could I pass this up?

Do I look tan? It’s probably because I am.

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Train Under Water

This girl is going to the Olympics. In fact, she’s already in Beijing. She’s swimming for Libya, her father’s home country, since there isn’t a women’s swim team there. She’s 18-years-old.

My co-worker Greg Kahn let me borrow his underwater bag. Now all I want to do is hang out at the bottom of pools. I’m just thankful this one was outside.

Also, LCD sucks. My images look properly toned, but then I sit up, changing my eye level by three inches, and they look like shit all of a sudden. CRT is the way to go.

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