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Please don’t feed the triceratops

We went climbing this weekend. I didn’t shoot any because when I wasn’t climbing I was belaying, but here are some of the pictures that ended up on my camera, courtesy of Elliott and Jack.

Please don’t feed the triceratops 1

Please don’t feed the triceratops 2
This is Jack

Please don’t feed the triceratops 3
That is Elliott

Please don’t feed the triceratops 4
I’m up there somewhere

Please don’t feed the triceratops 5
OK, so maybe I took one


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Spring Break is over. But with the death of one thing comes the life of another.

Feature hunting is back in season.

I waited around for someone to show up and freak out about this thing being on fire, but no one did.


I didn’t do so good today.

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Carlton can dance

Spring Break is awesome.

So far I’ve slept a lot and climbed. All together that totals 100% success.

Also, I got a haircut. Quite a haircut actually. It was kind of like this:

…kind of.

Actually, it was more like this:

haircut 2

Elliott manned the clippers and Blair womaned the shop vac. It was quite a production.

haircut 3
This one is pretty much the same as the last one, I’m just impressed by my hail-mary skills 

Then we built a rock wall in Elliott’s apartment, but don;t tell anyone because I think it’s against the rules.

haircut 5
It’s actually taller now than in this photo, and it has more holds. Also, that’s my new haircut.

haircut 4

haircut 3

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Whoa, what is this?

I suppose I should show you what those remote shots look like, so here are a couple

bbremote 1

bbremote 2

bbremote 3

Palmer seems thrilled to be helping me set my focus.

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